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Organize work, Improve collaboration

Never miss a deadline again with Follop

Free Forever, no credit card needed

Follop Is Your Team's Work Dashboard

Manage your teams daily work routine by assigning tasks and tracking them on Follop

Team members can check the Follop dashboard to know which tasks to work on, every day. 

Plan ahead and schedule tasks, so that nothing is missed

Know the dependencies and prioritize accordingly

Know the status of every task and take action quickly

Team will be motivated when the contribution of each team member is tracked and recognized 

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Effective Communication Tool Your Team Needs

Every task is a communication thread for sharing relevant information and tracking

Tasks get completed quickly on Follop, as all the relevant information can be shared in a communication thread exclusive for the task.

No more jumping between multiple software to get the relevant documents. Follop enables sharing documents, images, videos and any other files relevant to the task

Bring in relevant people to help complete the task, by adding them to the task thread

Every type of task can be captured with clarity by recording a video

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Dynamic Work Scheduling And Planner

Plan ahead and schedule work with an eye on the team's workload

Never miss any routine task that should happen on a daily, weekly, monthly or yearly basis. Schedule the task easily on Follop and get notified at the right time

Follop ensures your team is not overworked. Know the workload of your team in a snapshot

Follop makes scheduling work seamless by suggesting on who to assign for the task and when to work on it

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How It Works? 

Stay on Top of Your Tasks with Follop's Notification System 

SMS, WhatsApp, and Push Notifications for On-Time Completion



Push Notification

Effortlessly Create Tasks with Follop's Mobile App

Record Instructions in Any Language with Voice and Video

Assign Tasks to Anyone in Your Phone Contacts and Create Groups for Seamless Collaboration

Onboard Your Team on Follop with ease

Know the workload of your team, performance at the end of the month or contribution to the company goals with detailed reports

Get Detailed Reports On Team Performance

Follop Works For All Types Of Activities In Your Business







Field Sales




Field work or desk work, Follop is designed to increase the productivity of all types of teams. Its easier to create tasks on a mobile app and track them to keep the team in sync.

Revolutionizing Team Work Across Businesses

What our customers say

"Since implementing Follop, our delivery service has never been more organized. The app's real-time tracking and task management capabilities have allowed us to provide accurate and timely deliveries to our clients. Follop's easy-to-use interface has made it simple to assign and prioritize tasks, ensuring our team stays on track"

CEO, InventoKart

Mr Harish

Delivery Service

"Follop has revolutionized the way we manage our lift servicing tasks. Its user-friendly interface and efficient features have allowed us to streamline our workflow, increase productivity and reduce downtime. We highly recommend Follop to any lift servicing company looking for a reliable and effective task management solution."

CEO, Ulitma Lifts And Services

Mr Anand

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Download Now And Never Miss A Deadline Again

Follop is free forever (no credit card required)

Organize work

Communicate Effectively

Plan Ahead

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