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Assign tasks to anyone

Follop sends timely reminders to others to ensure 100% of the tasks you delegate are completed on time. 

Assign tasks to anyone in phone contacts

Quickly assign

Describe tasks with images, video, audio or files

Attach files and more

Set a task due date and time and Follop shall follow up 

Schedule due date

know the status of all the assigned tasks

Track in one place

All assignees get notifications and can respond

Multiple assignees

Edit the schedule and future notifications follow the new schedule

Reschedule Tasks

Quicky pick a recurring task template like everyday, weekly, last day of month or pick any custom time period


Choose a template like by end of day, by weekend and more

Quickly schedule with templates

Schedule tasks for a week or a month and watch your plan get executed

Plan activities for team

No more delay...

90% of people respond to a well timed reminder and update on the task

30 mins before the due time, overdue reminders

Timely reminders

Follop users shall be notified with phone notifications

Notifications on phone

Assignees not on Follop shall be notified with SMS and WhatsApp notifications

SMS, WhatsApp

Be notified when an assignee responds

Notification on response

Know what work is being done about each task and get notified when a task is completed

Status updates

Detailed responses with image, video, audio or file attachments

Responses from assignees

Stay updated about all the tasks, be it home or work, in one place

Manage like a pro

Plan the day with all your tasks in one place

Follop is like your personal assistant. Receive tasks from your friends, family, work teams or any other acquaintance. Plan your day, complete tasks and stay organized. 


Busy? snooze the task, let the assigner know you will do it later


Respond with predefined or custom messages


Not interested ? then let your contact know that you are not interested.

Download now

Follop is free

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