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Services Business

Manage customer visits, material procurement, finances, employee onboarding and other office work

Services Business
  1. Be prepared for a customer visit by adding all prerequisite tasks on Follop like procuring required materials. Follop notifies at the right time to get everything set for the customer visit.

  2. Schedule all the customer visits planned and assign to a team member. The team will never miss a customer visit with Follop notifications

  3. Handle post service tasks easily by planning it ahead, scheduling it and assigning to a team member.

  4. Keep the customer in your service request loop. Need to get information or feedback from the customer, add such tasks on Follop and assign it to customer. Customer gets notified at the right time and will respond with details.

  5. Share the invoices and payment reminders on Follop. Follop ensures the payment happens on time with regular notifications to the customer.

  6. Take service requests on Follop and quickly assign to a team member for a speedy response to the customer. Follop ensure the team member takes up the task.

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