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Tracking features

Follop is the ultimate solution for teams to keep track of their daily tasks, plan ahead, and achieve their goals. Here are some of the features that make Follop an indispensable tool for teams:


Clarity of Task Description:

Follop allows teams to capture every type of task with clarity by recording a video or audio description in any language. This feature ensures that team members understand the task requirements and can execute them accurately.


Daily Task List:

Follop provides a comprehensive task list that team members can access every day. This feature allows team members to know exactly what tasks they need to perform, helping them stay on track and meet deadlines.


Task Status Tracking:

With Follop, teams can track the status of every task in real-time. This feature makes it easy to monitor the progress of each task and identify any roadblocks or delays.


Task Scheduling:

Follop makes it easy to plan ahead and schedule tasks. This feature allows teams to allocate resources and plan their work in advance, ensuring that they stay on track and meet deadlines.


Dependency and Prioritization:

Follop helps teams understand the dependencies between tasks and prioritize them accordingly. This feature ensures that the team focuses on the most critical tasks first and avoids delays caused by dependencies.


Team Member Contribution:

Follop makes it easy to track the contribution of each team member. This feature allows team leaders to identify star performers and recognize their contributions, improving morale and motivation.


Team Analytics:

With Follop, team leaders can monitor how much time team members spend on each task, how many tasks are completed on time, and how many are delayed. They can also view a breakdown of each team member's contribution, enabling them to identify their top performers and those who may need additional support. These insights enable team leaders to optimize their team's performance and ensure that they are achieving their goals efficiently.

Communication features

Communication Thread:

Every task in Follop is like a communication thread, where team members can communicate about the task, share updates, and ask questions. This feature ensures that team members are always informed about the task's progress and can collaborate effectively to complete it on time.


Relevant People:

Follop allows teams to bring in relevant people to help complete tasks by adding them to the task thread. This feature ensures that the right people are involved in every task, making it easier to collaborate and get work done.



With Follop, team members receive notifications when tasks are assigned to them, when tasks are completed, and when there are updates or changes to tasks they are working on. This ensures that everyone is always up-to-date on the status of their tasks and can take action when needed.


File Sharing:

Follop enables teams to share documents, images, videos, and any other files relevant to the task. This feature ensures that team members have all the necessary information and resources to complete their tasks efficiently.


Real-time Messaging:

Follop's real-time messaging feature enables team members to communicate with each other in real-time. Whether they need to ask a quick question or share an update, team members can do so quickly and easily within the Follop app. This feature helps to keep team members connected and ensures that they can collaborate effectively.


Task Mentions:

Follop's task mention feature allows team members to tag specific individuals in a task thread or comment, alerting them to updates or changes related to that task. This ensures that everyone who needs to be involved in a task is notified and can take action as needed.

Scheduling Features

Recurring Tasks: With Follop, users can easily schedule routine tasks that need to be completed on a regular basis. Whether it's a daily check-in or a monthly report, users can set these tasks to recur on a schedule that works for them. Follop will send reminders to ensure that these tasks are not missed, and users can mark them as completed once they're done.


Workload Management: Follop provides an overview of each team member's workload, enabling team leaders to ensure that no one is overworked. This feature allows team leaders to see how many tasks each team member is currently working on and how much time they've spent on each task. This helps team leaders to distribute tasks evenly and avoid burnout.


Task Assignment: When users schedule a new task, Follop suggests team members who are best suited for the task based on their skills and availability. This feature streamlines the task assignment process and ensures that tasks are completed efficiently. Additionally, users can set deadlines for each task, and Follop will send reminders to team members when the deadline is approaching.


Prioritization: Follop enables users to prioritize tasks based on their importance and urgency. Users can assign due dates and set reminders for tasks that require immediate attention, while tasks that are less urgent can be scheduled for later. This helps users to manage their workload effectively and ensure that they're focusing on the most critical tasks.

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